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Fishing Blog

Decade Club

"It's no wonder you have so many repeat guests here; great fishing, nice clean rooms, your fabulous Chef, the staff and crew are always two steps ahead of our needs. I was very impressed with the professional and cheerful nature of the hard working crew here at Ole's. I'll definitely be back"
Carl Lind, CA
"Ernie thanks for an amazing trip. Our group caught huge Chinook, lots of Coho and a bunch of Halibut on the same trip. Coming to OLE's is why we put up with everything we do all year, just so we can make it back one more time. The guys are already lining up to sign up for next year. You and your crew know what it takes to keep my clients happy, thanks for an incredible Trip. Looking forward to next summer already."
Joe Broussard III, CO
"Choosing a fishing Trip to British Columbia to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary, my wife Lori said " all I want to do is show up and have someone handle everything" Well Ernie and his staff did just that. We had a wonderful time fishing for Salmon and Halibut, the accommodations and meals were wonderful! . This was the most enjoyable anniversary experience we have ever had"
-Ray Camacho, ID
"..we've been to just about every place you can mention on the coast, and we keep coming back to Ole's Hakai Pass. It's not just the fishing, which is incredible, it's so much more. Every year we notice something new, you could come here for 10 years and never get bored. Add to that the finest crew and you've got us hooked"
Bill and Sandy Challenger, BC
Although we have been there numerous times, each trip has 1st-time guests. Yet when the plane docks at Ole's & the door opens, Ernie & his staff know everyone's names, including guests he's never met! The food is excellent, especially BBQ night, the rooms are very comfortable, the boats & gear are excellent & this is the best crew on the coast. If you have never tried salmon fishing & want to give it a try, or are a fisherman, you owe it to yourself to try Ole's where everything is 1st class.
Bryan Cousineau, British Columbia, Canada

Fishing Blog

Docks Arriving - July 7th

The docks are now arriving and the action ramps up as the crew gets down to the  heavy work of anchoring the docks to the barge and then to each other....  Once the docks are in place the work will begin on readying the boats for the season... ... Read More

Arrival at Hakai Pass - July 7th

We've arrived in Hakai Pass!  A beautiful morning towing into Hakai Pass at first light at 6:00 am!  6 hours later we are all tied up just waiting for the docks to arrive to begin the momentous task of setting up for the 2015 season!  It looks like it is going to be a warm season,... Read More

Ship Shape for 2015 - June 24th

The crew quarters transformation continues and it is looking awesome!  Everything new from the ground (or should we say "barge") up.  Comfort and elegance welcome the 2015 crew including a brand new air circulation system, all new bunks and storage space.... ... Read More

Joel, We Will Miss You! - June 18th

Joel's own decade club,  we say farewell to our best this season and wish Joel every good fortune as he makes his way on a new path.  With 10 seasons at Ole's  Joel went from a keen green young dock boy to top dog.  Meeting every challenge with enthusiasm, there wasn't... Read More

Things Are Looking Up In The World - June 11th

The work on board the Ole's barge continues... The new deck is now completed and the construction inside the crew quarters and work space is nearly complete.  Ernie has now turned his eye sky high "literally".  A new antenna is being erected with the help of a crane to ensure good radio... Read More

Welcome Aboard Taylor - June 10th

This season we welcome Taylor McArthur aboard!  Taylor grew up in Montreal and spent summer canoe tripping in the Temagami area of northern Ontario as well as pickerel fishing in Lake Nipissing near his families cottage. In 2007 on his first trip west Taylor fell in love with the Monashee... Read More

Welcome Aboard Gisou - June 5th

A warm welcome to our new chef for 2015 Gisou Nourollahi.  Gisou hails from Whistler, BC.  She was Persian born but Gisou came to Canada, which she considers home, as a baby and spent many years in Montreal.  She loves life and thoroughly enjoys cooking and creating which is... Read More

Welcome Aboard Chloe - June 1st

Welcome aboard to Chloe Bourassa d'Estimauville who hails from Quebec and has the accent to prove it.  You will see Chloe all over the lodge this summer.  Chloe loves surfing, traveling and the outdoors and is currently studying nursing in Quebec.This will be her first time working at a... Read More

Welcome Aboard Benjamin - June 1st

For the 2015 season Ole's welcomes Benjamin Nuez to the team!  Ben hails from the Comox Valley and has just completed his third year of Chem / EOS at the Unliversity of Victoria.  No stranger to a kitchen Ben joins the team as Kitchen Assistant this season.  Ben worked many years... Read More

The Work Continues - May 28th

The work continues on the replacement deck!  Much of the work that has taken place over the last month will never be seen with all the supports under the deck and the refinishing of the barge deck but the results are seen here with Ernie sweeping the new wood deck leading to the rooms....... Read More